My Thoughts On 2016.

Happy 2017 my dearest loves. I am so sorry for the long break from blogging. I will be quite honest, I was extremely busy between school and work and just did not make the time. Well I am back now and ready to do a small 2016 review.

* Clears throat*…. 2016 was a very difficult year for me emotionally.I truly was all over the place. I did not know my up from down. I would be ok and just bust out crying. It had been too many time when I had to stop working to cry. If you didn’t know my mommy passed away late 2015. It was unexpected and shook my entire existence. I am honestly still ” not right” because of it but I’m striving each day to just make it throughout the day without having a crying fit. Now you understand why emotionally I was just not myself and it has been a journey to try to find my ” new normal”. I have not found it but with time I know it will come.

This year has also showed me that I am stronger than I ever imagine. I never thought I was a strong person but it wasn’t until the deaths of my uncle and my mommy 6 days from each other I know I had to try to be. Nothing prepares you for all the emotions you will experience after losing someone you love. However, I will encourage anyone who lost someone do not run from your feelings. Cry, shout, scream, yell, get those emotions out. Talk to someone whether it be a friend, family or a therapist. When I was having the hardest time which was this past summer.I decided to see a therapist. We did not have many sessions because of my schedule however, when I did talk to her it help me tremendously. She made me feel ok for feeling how I was feeling. I was on the brink of everything falling apart but those few sessions pulled me back together. I plan to seek out another therapist because I believe that there are a few more things in my life that can be worked out.

I did some traveling. I went to Chicago, Miami, Bahamas, Ohio and Negril, Jamaica. Do not worry I plan to blog about Jamaica because it was the best trip I took to date. These trips were just what I needed. Each of the trips I have taken gave me a peace that I was seeking that I would not of experience without having them.

In all my 2016 was not all that exciting but it was an experience. I learn so much about myself and those around me. I have a great circle of people who I love and trust and vice-versa.  My goal for 2017 is to not live in fear. My mother death cause me to be fearful. I was secretly moving different because of that. I cannot do that any longer. I going to be fearless for 2017. I am going to step out on faith in areas I am petrified. I ready for the next chapter and plan to make it a great one. I hope each of you do the same. #BeFearless2017




Hey there my beautiful loves. I am not going to beat around the bush…..yes everyone has the same 24 hours and we make time for what we feel are important.

Now you may asked what made me think of this. Well it is something that kept occurring or shall I say KEEP OCCURRING in my personal life.

So last week I text someone a nice and friendly ” Good Morning” as I was getting ready for work. Now between certain hours of the day I can be extremely busy when I am not able to check my messages.

Now that day a few hours had passed before I got the chance to check my messages and when I did there was not reply message.  

This is not new( me not getting a timely response) and any other day or maybe if it was someone else it probably would not of bothered me so much but today….honey….that irritated me!!!!

Later that evening I decided ….” what the hay..I will just call and see if we can chit-chat for a few minutes that may be a better method of communications.”

I called and the phone rang until voicemail came on. Now again like I stated earlier this action was not new. I am not always able to get a response from this individual in a timely manner. I do understand we have stuff going on.

Work, school, children, family as well as activities so I understand that everyone is busy. However, TOOOOODDDAAAAY the lack of acknowledgment irritated my soul. Really is it too much to asked for a reply to a simple ” Good Morning” text?

It is too much to asked for a call back just to say  ” Hey I got your message and missed your call but I was extremely busy at those times. I will call you back when I am free.” Please let me know if this is too much and that my expectations are too high.When I got home that evening and really thought about it. It cause me to write this blog entry.  

                  EVERYONE HAS THE SAME 24 HOURS.

                             POINT. BLANK. PERIOD.

In those 24 hours we do what we deemed to be important . This can cover a spectrum of things. In relationships we know communications and time spent are key components to a great relationship. Relationships that lack communications have a hard time succeeding .

That is why it is so important . I do not think anyone should go multiple days without talking to their mate. To be honest what man is going to allow a few days to pass without speaking to you. Most will be too afraid to let another man slide in and lose you. Because of that fact he will constantly text, call and visit you to let you know they are serious. 

Friendships are sort of the same way. Friends do not to have to talk everyday for the love to be there. However, the bond may be stronger if you do. I said all this to say that people make time for who and what they deemed important. Sometimes, I am sorry to say it may not include you. If it doesn’t chuck it up as a loss and keep pushing. We should never have to beg or pressure someone to make time for us especially when their actions show they really do not want to .In the meantime make sure you are making time for your loved ones. Invite them out. Send them a gift. You will be surprised how happy you will make them feel by showing them that you care. We all have the same 24 hours so lets spend it wisely.








Time Waits For No One!!!!

Hello there love bugs. It has been over a year and a half since I have written anything on the blog.

I will say a lot has happen since then. One that tops the list is my angel, my heart my everything,

my mommy passed away late October. In time I will blog about that whole deal but right now its

just to hurtful. Now what prompt me to write this was social media. You got that right.

The Facebook or what we call it now just “Facebook”. Facebook now has this awesome app or tool

where it shows you what you may have written or posted on that day years ago.I actually love it.

It showed me my thought process in the past. I could look at an old status and knew automatically

what was going on and what I felt when I posted it. So the other day I checked it and I had a post

about one of my favorite shows…Scandal. I I look at it like wow  That was 3 years ago? 

I couldn’t believe it. I was seriously  tripping that had happen 3 years ago and it seemed like

yesterday. When I realize that it was 3 years ago I started to be sad. At that very moment I felt so disappointed in myself.

I let 3 years easily pass me by and I feel I feel like I have nothing to show for it.

I felt like I wasted 3 precious years making sure I was all caught on my television shows.                                                  


Now I  have grown mentally and spiritually but others things I wanted to do I havent even attempted to complete. My educationally goals for one. I have one degree  but my desire is to obtain at least 2 more. When I kept thinking I truly realize that  …………………….                                            

                                                   TIME WAITS FOR NO ONE!!!!!

If any of you want to do something in life strive to make it happened.

It’s good to wait to everything to line up but what if it never does and you never tried and look back with regret.

When you tried and failed you can at least say to yourself that I went after it and it didn’t work out.

Today I am going after everything I want out of life. The career, the education…all the goals I set for myself years ago I going after it now.

I hope each of you do the same. It time to claim what is OURS!!!!!  



What Dreams May Come…..


selfie with the beautiful beach as my backdrop

Hello my loves. Let me first say that my thanksgiving was great. Anytime I get the chance to break bread with my beautiful family is a great day. I am thankful for that. Well a few weeks ago I went on the best vacation I have ever been on in my life. My cousin and I decided to travel to  Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. It was absolutely breathtaking. I mean that is the only way to describe how this country looks. Where we stayed was fabulous. Right of the white sand beach. I was less than 100 steps from the beach…. how convenient lol.


my view while relaxing on the beach


I been on many vacations but never a resort. For the first time I really felt relaxed. I didn’t have to hustle back to a hotel or see what we were doing for the day. I truly relaxed. It felt good to relaxed your mind where all you can hear is the ocean crash on the land over and over. It is has the most soothing sound.


walking along the beach


While on my trip I remember how I told a few people of my vacations plans and future vacations spots. Many of them stated…”That sounds great but that it something I would do with my mate”….hmmm. I can understand that to a certain extent. These places would be great couples vacations. I am sure lovers can appreciate and benefit from what these kind of vacations offer. I mean who wouldn’t want to travel with their boo. However, I am not going to let me not having a mate stop me from traveling  wherever I want to go.


outside of my room at the resort. I was ecstatic to be in such a beautiful place.


I also encourage each you to take on that mindset as well. Life is too short to wait on certain life events to happen for you to explore this beautiful world. This vacation was a dream come true. I couldn’t ask for a more perfect vacation. As I now make plans for next year adventure…..the beautiful country of Jamaica. I’ll do so without feeling bad or sad if by then I am still single.



When watching a cooking show gives you inpsiration.

Hey Loves, I do realize it has been quite awhile since I blogged. Please forgive me but life has a way of distracting you lol. .What made me decide to blog today came from a television show I watch the other day. I belived it was called “Good Cooking”. This week episode feature an elder woman from the Palmer Woods part of Detroit Michigan. The host and the elder lady talk about her heritage which happened to be Creole. It was important because that explained her cooking style. This was very good episode but what stood out was when the show explained how she had worked for her husband as a office manager for years. Her husband was a psychiatric and had a booming practice until he suffered a stroke. Which made him unable to work anymore. When that happened she made a decision to go back to school and obtain her masters degree at the age of 57. Now that is what blew me away. She was motivated by her ancestors who were rich enough to not only buy back their relatives out of slavery but also run successful businesses. Her will to get her degree at the age when many people are in the process of retiring totally inspired me to not give up on my dreams, Even if I am at age when many are getting settle in the careers. I know she went back to help to make sure her family was financially secure but I am sure it was a goal of hers to get her masters. Let us all learn from this elder woman who did not let her age stop her from accomplishing a goal of hers. Life is way too short to not being doing what you love. If not that at least in the process of doing what you love. Here is a little in encouragement from Mr Steve Jobs




I AM BACK!!!!!!

WOWI cannot believe I have not blog since the end of 2011. Well I will be the first to say that 2011 was of the most emotional time of my life. If you read my last post you will understand why I stated that. However I am back and stronger than ever. Many things have changes since I wrote my last blog. My weight for one. It has been a constant struggle for me to lose weight. For one, I am an emotional eater. When I am sad…I eat. When I am happy…I eat. When boredom strikes….let me go to the kitchen and see what’s popping lol. Where it stands now I am down for my highest weight but I am nowhere near my goal. That is another blog post in itself *serious side eye*.Moving right along…although my weight has changed, relationship status, some friendships have shifted…my faith in God has not. Since 2011 I have become stronger than ever. I can now look in the mirror and see the change in myself. I feel like now my light is shining through this broken yet strong vessel. I never been so excited to go to church nor hear the word. When I read my last post I see the pain with each word. I feel the hurt with each line. Those few hundred words cannot begin to convey what I went through emotionally especially near the end of the year. Today I can look back and sing ” SO Glad I MADE IT…I MADE IT THROUGH’ a line from the song “Testimony” by Marvin Sapp. Whew..God is simply amazing. I have so much to share but for now just know that I AM BACK IN A MAJOR WAY!