Time Waits For No One!!!!

Hello there love bugs. It has been over a year and a half since I have written anything on the blog.

I will say a lot has happen since then. One that tops the list is my angel, my heart my everything,

my mommy passed away late October. In time I will blog about that whole deal but right now its

just to hurtful. Now what prompt me to write this was social media. You got that right.

The Facebook or what we call it now just “Facebook”. Facebook now has this awesome app or tool

where it shows you what you may have written or posted on that day years ago.I actually love it.

It showed me my thought process in the past. I could look at an old status and knew automatically

what was going on and what I felt when I posted it. So the other day I checked it and I had a post

about one of my favorite shows…Scandal. I I look at it like wow  That was 3 years ago? 

I couldn’t believe it. I was seriously  tripping that had happen 3 years ago and it seemed like

yesterday. When I realize that it was 3 years ago I started to be sad. At that very moment I felt so disappointed in myself.

I let 3 years easily pass me by and I feel I feel like I have nothing to show for it.

I felt like I wasted 3 precious years making sure I was all caught on my television shows.                                                  


Now I  have grown mentally and spiritually but others things I wanted to do I havent even attempted to complete. My educationally goals for one. I have one degree  but my desire is to obtain at least 2 more. When I kept thinking I truly realize that  …………………….                                            

                                                   TIME WAITS FOR NO ONE!!!!!

If any of you want to do something in life strive to make it happened.

It’s good to wait to everything to line up but what if it never does and you never tried and look back with regret.

When you tried and failed you can at least say to yourself that I went after it and it didn’t work out.

Today I am going after everything I want out of life. The career, the education…all the goals I set for myself years ago I going after it now.

I hope each of you do the same. It time to claim what is OURS!!!!!