My Thoughts On 2016.

Happy 2017 my dearest loves. I am so sorry for the long break from blogging. I will be quite honest, I was extremely busy between school and work and just did not make the time. Well I am back now and ready to do a small 2016 review.

* Clears throat*…. 2016 was a very difficult year for me emotionally.I truly was all over the place. I did not know my up from down. I would be ok and just bust out crying. It had been too many time when I had to stop working to cry. If you didn’t know my mommy passed away late 2015. It was unexpected and shook my entire existence. I am honestly still ” not right” because of it but I’m striving each day to just make it throughout the day without having a crying fit. Now you understand why emotionally I was just not myself and it has been a journey to try to find my ” new normal”. I have not found it but with time I know it will come.

This year has also showed me that I am stronger than I ever imagine. I never thought I was a strong person but it wasn’t until the deaths of my uncle and my mommy 6 days from each other I know I had to try to be. Nothing prepares you for all the emotions you will experience after losing someone you love. However, I will encourage anyone who lost someone do not run from your feelings. Cry, shout, scream, yell, get those emotions out. Talk to someone whether it be a friend, family or a therapist. When I was having the hardest time which was this past summer.I decided to see a therapist. We did not have many sessions because of my schedule however, when I did talk to her it help me tremendously. She made me feel ok for feeling how I was feeling. I was on the brink of everything falling apart but those few sessions pulled me back together. I plan to seek out another therapist because I believe that there are a few more things in my life that can be worked out.

I did some traveling. I went to Chicago, Miami, Bahamas, Ohio and Negril, Jamaica. Do not worry I plan to blog about Jamaica because it was the best trip I took to date. These trips were just what I needed. Each of the trips I have taken gave me a peace that I was seeking that I would not of experience without having them.

In all my 2016 was not all that exciting but it was an experience. I learn so much about myself and those around me. I have a great circle of people who I love and trust and vice-versa.  My goal for 2017 is to not live in fear. My mother death cause me to be fearful. I was secretly moving different because of that. I cannot do that any longer. I going to be fearless for 2017. I am going to step out on faith in areas I am petrified. I ready for the next chapter and plan to make it a great one. I hope each of you do the same. #BeFearless2017