when you reduce the supply the demand increases

Today in church Pastor Kinloch gave a powerful sermon on being “Holy and Human!!! For the last few weeks, he has instilled strategies on how to accomplished this! This Sunday near the end of the sermon he said this phrase…” When you reduce your supply, you will increase your demand”. Now that stuck in my head! When I heard of that I related that to relationships many of us has experience!! Have you ever been in a relationship when you wanted to spend every waking moment with them! Your day isn’t great if you don’t see their face and by the time you do the passion between you all is so strong it could start a forest fire!!!! I am sure you have!! The question is when you are seeing them everyday, all day and night is the passion still there? For most the answer will be no! Why you asked? We desire things (in this case) people we don’t see as much! You will never appreciate anything if you have it everyday all day!!! I thought….wow! I guess the reason I wasn’t appreciated by men because I never gave them a reason too! I gave them too much too soon…so I made myself ordinary….instead of making myself rare!! I learned a great lesson from that!!….

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