Keep it strictly…..D…….kly

Yes….that is right!!! I can say lately on my feeds on Facebook and Twitter men have imposed the question on why women can’t keep a sexual relationship strictly sexual!!!….Really?!?….I guess men don’t realize that women…..well atleast most women are by nature more emotionally attached! When we have sexual intercourse with a man we like/love/care for them! Unlike men we don’t separate our feelings from our sex lives!!! Since the men wants us to….I thought I can give some pointers on how to keep emotions from arising in those kind of situations!.

(1) Don’t bring an overnight bag! Remember this is just about sex so when the do is done….do what the men do……SKATE OUT!!!!

(2). Don’t hold long conversations! You don’t need to hear about his day or if his business deal went through! This information he shares with a friend not you because you called on business! The business of getting down to business….YOU HEARD ME!!!!

(3) Absolutely no outings!!! Eating out…come on now….sounds like a date to me!!! If you are hungry grab a banana…and keep it moving! Besides bananas has potassium in them…..#energy

(4).Never meet up at your crib!! Why he does he need to know where you live!! ….UH UH…NOT GOING TO HAPPEN…*IN NEW NEW VOICE*….he might try to make unannounced visit which is a pet peeve of mine!

Ok ladies these are the 4 main golden rules to keep it strictly…..d….kly……feel free to add more…….


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