Christmas Blues

So it’s the night before Christmas and truthfully I am not full of cheer! Yes I do realize that tomorrow is my JESUS birthday!! I celebrate his birthday all the time! I give praises to his name daily so I know the importance of tomorrow! I am sad because tomorrow a tradition that was started before I was even thought of will not be carried out!! For over forty years…my family has gathered for Christmas and this year we will not be doing so! Well my Aunt is visiting her only son and his family this holiday season so I mean that is understandable but it was my mother that rocked the boat!!! While visiting my mom and siblings a few weeks back my mom dropped the bomb….she said ” I want to stay home for Christmas!!!!” In my head I was thinking….” Whatcha talking about Willis” lol…my actual response was ok!! She went on to she just wanted to relax and chill!! I’m thinking you can chill when we get back home LOL!!! I am not selfish…my mother has had a rough year! She has suffered a heart attack ,was not long ago diagnosed with copd…so I understand her need to rest! I am just going to miss being around my Aunts and cousins!! I will miss watching my Aunt Avie eating a hearty bowl of ice cream….KNOW DANG WELL SEE IS ALLERGIC TO IT….and her later BLOWING THE HELLLLLLOOOO out of someone’s bathroom! I always thank God she has only one episode of the motor city incident!! How anyone gets poop on the wall is beyond me LOL! I’ll miss watching movies together, playing the Chinese gift exchange….all that stuff!!! I know nothing can remain the same forever but this is one of those thing I wish did!! I just hoped this is a fluke and next year we will back to business… is to hoping!!!!

Fmot @basicshy

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