My fondest Christmas memory

Christmas, Christmas, Christmas!!!!! When I sit here and think about my fondest Christmas memory one comes to mine!!!! I had to be about 12 years old! My grandmother call the house to talk to me! Which was odd because we didn’t talk much on the phone at the time! During the conversation we talked about general stuff and eventually the real reason she called came up!

Grandma: Now you know there is no Santa right?…….Which I did…last year I found what my mother had bought us in the basement on accident but me being a kid I said I will roll with it!

Me: Really grandma?!? I didn’t know that!….I know why my grandmother did that! She knew first hand how hard my mother worked to provide a stable household for my sisters and I!! Then here comes the holidays which also put another financial burden on her! So my grandma thought she would help her out by telling me there was no Santa so she would not have to buy as many gifts!!!

Grandma: Yes there is no Santa….you all don’t have no chimney how do you think you get those gifts!?!

Me: Through the window!

Grandma: Crickets………

Me: Grandma……grandma….are you there!?!

Grandma: If you like to make a call please hang up and try again!!!!!

This woman had hung up the phone on me lol!!! My grandma was good for hanging up on you if she doesn’t like what you had to say!!!. That is my fondest Christmas memory what are yours????? Please share!!!!!

Fmot @basicshy

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