Better not bitter

The last few days has been a rollercoaster of emotions! These emotions have left me with many unanswered questions! Although I don’t want to blow anyone house up or their mouth anymore lol…the hurt is still there!!! I even was making some out of character post on Facebook and Twitter!!! While I was at my emotional high a young lady who also commented on a thread where I was cutting up made a statement that stuck in my head! She said….” Don’t be bitter be better”….hmmmmm?….I let that marinate in my brain so I can totally grasp this advice! As mad as I was….Sn: still am….I cannot allow this experience change me! Yes what has happen cannot be taken back!Although many apologies has been issued but I not ready to forgive yet!!! I know I will eventualy because I am too nice to hold a grudge forever!!! But for now ill just evaluate what I have learned and I concluded that although my feeling and ego is bruised….I will vow to be better not bitter!!!


I know by now you all have seen that acronym! Many of us has used it in our status on Facebook or in a tweet on Twitter! This acronym became very real to my girl this weekend!!! She gets a call from the dude she has been dating for years! He said the famous line ” We need to talk”.I said girl he may asked for you all to be official!! Officially in a titled relationship! With excitement in both of our voices waiting in anticipation to see what he has to say!! So I go on with my day waiting on a call from my girl! She calls I said hey hun….so are we officially in a relationship yet?!? She is crying! In between her sobs she tell me Darius has a six-week old child!! She began to tell me how the conversation went but all I heard…was ” BABY”…she said more…I still just heard….”he knew since the conception”!!! After she spilled the beans, she said she is getting her belongings from his house and they were through!!! All I could say is Dang!!!! These days nobody is loyal!!! You can pay for your partners bills, help get their car fixed, hold them down when they are unemployed but all that doesn’t matter! Sometimes you can do everything right by a person and still get pooped on!! I guess what I learned from her situation is what that acronym means….REMEMBER EVERYONE AIN’T LOYAL!

when you reduce the supply the demand increases

Today in church Pastor Kinloch gave a powerful sermon on being “Holy and Human!!! For the last few weeks, he has instilled strategies on how to accomplished this! This Sunday near the end of the sermon he said this phrase…” When you reduce your supply, you will increase your demand”. Now that stuck in my head! When I heard of that I related that to relationships many of us has experience!! Have you ever been in a relationship when you wanted to spend every waking moment with them! Your day isn’t great if you don’t see their face and by the time you do the passion between you all is so strong it could start a forest fire!!!! I am sure you have!! The question is when you are seeing them everyday, all day and night is the passion still there? For most the answer will be no! Why you asked? We desire things (in this case) people we don’t see as much! You will never appreciate anything if you have it everyday all day!!! I thought….wow! I guess the reason I wasn’t appreciated by men because I never gave them a reason too! I gave them too much too soon…so I made myself ordinary….instead of making myself rare!! I learned a great lesson from that!!….